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To do a synastry you need to first have at least two charts available in you database, it does not matter though, if they are in the same category or in two different ones. In a synastry you have the one chart, which is the base chart, it is displayed “inside”, and the chart that […]

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Display To display midpoints, choose “Midpoint-Trees” from the View-menu. You get the best display option, if you select “none” from the list menu. Midpoint-Trees are available since Version 4.04. Every object that is selected in Objects dialog at Object Selection: Radix: Inner will be the root of a Midpoint tree as of Version 4.04 Every […]



Kairon4 enables easy handling of the asteroids offered by astro.com. You can choose from a list of over 11,000 asteroids. Once selected, the associated ephemeris is automatically loaded and installed by the server so that the position of the selected celestial body can be calculated. Add and Activate Use the framed button to open the […]


Custom Symbols

A newly added object is represented by some generic glyph, in this case here it is a capital “A”. You can replace this with any character of any font installed on your computer and set the displayed size exactly. To do this, open the “Settings” dialog and click on “Font Style Generator” to access the […]



There are basically two ways to back up your data: with the simpler but better way with the more complicated and worse way ad 1) Save via AAF First of all, switch to the data entry dialog and select the category in which the horoscopes are located that you want to back up, for example […]


Data Structure

Categories In order to organize your data more easily, Kairon4 provides the possibility in the data entry dialog to create any number of categories. With the yellow circled button the categories can be switched on and off, by clicking on the green circled tab they are also visible. Classify into categories First select a horoscope, […]


Data Import

Kairon 4 is the sequel of Kairon 3.61 which is still available at https://kairon.cc for older Macs. Data entry Data can be entered directly, or imported. Import To import existing data, you need .aaf files. AAF is short for Astrological Exchange Format and is also the one and only file-format of Kairon 3.61. Therefore you […]

Kairon 4 is out now!

Finally, celebrate with us the release of Kairon 4.0 To celebrate this release, Kairon will be available for €29.99 in Mac-AppStore until XMas, thereafter for €49.99 You can download it from here!