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Kairon 4 from the beginning

Whether you are new to Kairon, or you are upgrading from Kairon 3 this should be instructive.

To get a basic chart Kairon 4 is set up to give you a chart for the current moment. It sets ‘Radix’ by default which is another word for ‘Chart’.

To alter any basic data of the chart, you need to select ‘Date and Time

You will notice that Kairon 4 has made the best approximation of your location based on your Mac preferences.
To alter this you need to type your current location into the window towards the bottom left of the screen.
Any alterations you make here will change the chart immediately and the record will be changed permanently.

The screenshot shows my location, (entered by clicking the result of the search) but notice on the Right Hand Side of the atlas area firstly that there is a time-zone entry for Melbourne, secondly that the time is set for Standard time, and thirdly that the longitude and latitude are now set for Norlane and the chart has been adjusted accordingly. (29 Aries versus 0 Taurus Rising.) To make this chart accurate I should set it for daylight time. Kairon 4 will generally calculate timezone correctly but it always pays to be vigilant.
In this case it used daylight time and by selecting it I changed nothing. (Standard time would have almost 12 Taurus rising.)

Light Mode is the default for older Mac OS systems and looks like this. It is an option in later systems. Dark mode may be changed in your Mac system preferences if it is available at all.

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Hello 🙂

Previous versions of Kairon allowed a user to search for every future occurrence of a desired aspect.

How do I do that in 4.0?

Thank you for your product!


Hello Sam,
in the side-navigation click the “Period” item – there you can define a time-range and it will give you a list of the exact aspects you selected in your settings for transits. The date given now is no longer a list, but only one date per aspect, exactly at the time when the aspect is strongest. All Aspects will be displayed in a clickable list: Doubleclicking the row of an entry will then take you to the exact transit chart of that very aspect having an orbis of 0°0’0″.

Kairon4 is a native Mac app that was compiled with the latest version of XCode. It runs without emulation.

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