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About those Aspects

Now we get to the part of the setup which interests me personally the most… the question of orb of aspect.

Again in the ‘Settings’ menu, this time we select ‘Aspect Orb Settings’.

There are 26 aspect types listed in Kairon 4 and if you are particularly fussy about which aspects to draw and what orbs they have you will have to step through them all. Please do not hit the ‘Save’ button if you choose this course as it will overwrite your orb settings with the top set of values.

The the upper panel will allow you to set orbs fairly quickly.

No fractions of degrees can be entered here. 

Of course actual aspects are calculated to the arc second of accuracy and listed in the grid to the arc minute.

The bottom pane shows a different calculation for Conjunction and the ‘Save’ button greyed out. Once it is adjusted here it becomes the default for that aspect automatically.

I have no interest in the quindecile aspect so I set its value to 0.

Aspect selection has left my radix a little hard to read so I will make a couple of changes which should clear things up a bit.

I am very adamant about my aspects so I will change up what I can see in the radix and read the full set of aspects on the grid.

To do that we just go back to the objects screen and change what can be seen where.

The end result means that I need to consult the grid if I want to see the smaller aspects but I have less visual clutter on my radix screen.

I will look at changing the colours in the next session.

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