“Kairon” is the name of an astrology software package for the Apple Macintosh. It is shareware and will run on “Panther” (MacOS X 10.3) and later but nowhere else. It can be downloaded from this Website.

Heritage, Philosophy about and Meaning of the Name

“Kairon” is a more international way to spell “Chiron”, the famous Asteroid named after the even more famous Kentaur. This, because some German people would otherwise pronounce the word like “Sheeron” while others might think of “Cheeron” and still others of “Kairon”.
So i chose to prevent this mess by a more global approach.Like there are many ways to spell the name “Chiron”, there are many ways to see life. The word “life” is very close to the words “love” and “live” which tempts to some reflections. As to “live” we have many concepts and as to the meaning of “love”, as well.
Kairon, in all the tragic of his life, seems to be the one who best describes what i so treasure about love. For years i had not been able to find a symbol for (what i see as the) “true love”. Not only Kairon’s life itself is such a symbol, but also the glyph, if seen like used here with best regards to Zane Stein. Love (whose origin is an open heart as opposed to passion) cannot express itself completely in a world that manifests and unfolds itself on duality. Kairon’s life is not the only example of what may happen to a hero from the beyond. But his personal way to deal with all this is incredibly clear and consequent. The above link is a precious gem to find ever so much more about Kairon (Chiron) and his friends…