The 68k enabled
PPC accelerated

Astrology Software
for the Apple Macintosh

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--> Kairon 3 for osX Panther++

Do you want to know,
what further options
Kairon 2.19 will offer you?
You really need but two things to find out:
An Apple Macintosh and a mouse...
...a mouse to activate the download link;
and maybe, within five or ten minutes, you will find yourself
with a print of your natal chart in your left hand...
...and a cup of hot coffee in your right - celebrate this day of your discovery of "Kairon".

Downloads of Kairon for the Mac:
Kairon "here"
Kairon at SOS-Consulting
Kairon at Paganlink Network

Kairon 3 for osX Panther++

Kairon's pre X Message Forum , X Message Forum

Vienna, June 29th, 2004

special links: Astrodienst-Atlas, Ephemeris-files-archive, SOS-Consulting

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a very nice French software is:
Pascal Hartman's L'Astrologue
never to forget: The Zodiac Hacker, Zodiacal Zephyr
and something very special: Astrochat
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